What’s This All About?

It’s been four years since I released my first podcast episode. And since then I have recorded and produced over 200 episodes, launched four separate shows, reached the ears of millions of listeners, sold out many live shows, been a featured story in two newspapers, and replaced what I used to call a “real job” with what I know as my “dream job.” I’m not telling you this to brag, well maybe a little, but because of how unlikely it was for a person like me to become successful doing something like this.

Before the here and now, I was honorably discharged from the US Army after serving two combat tours in Afghanistan. As with many soldiers trying to fit back in to the actual world, I was clueless and my employment options seemed a little strained.

Long story short, after a series of twist and turns I launched my first podcast with my two roommates. It was horrible, but it was a rush. I remember how exciting it was having just 3,000 downloads, which at the time took us about 4 months.

Since then we seem to be on a pretty good roll and I like to believe that I have this podcasting thing down pretty well. Since that first episode, I have had to figure out everything in-house and as cheap as possible. I’ve learned how to record clear audio, speed up episode editing times, create intros, mix catchy music into episodes, and a ton more.

But I’m not done learning this trade. In fact, I’ve only just started my journey creating the perfect podcasts and I know the best way to learn is to teach. It’s this principle that pushed me to start this blog and put myself out there. Not as an expert, but as someone who has a four-year head start on anyone with the desire to create their own podcast.

This blog will eventually become a paid members-only course, but as of now all the resources and training videos will be free for anyone!