How to Record Like The Pros and Master Your Voice For Crystal Clear Podcasting

Special Launch Price - $27 Ends Soon!

Module One: Setting Up & Pressing Record

Module Two: Mixing & Editing Like The Pros

Module Three: Mastering Your Voice for Crystal Clear Audio!

Follow Step-by-Step as I produce and launch a great sounding podcast episode!

So you want to start a podcast?! Well, it's the perfect time. As we head into 2021 more and more companies are turning to podcasters to advertise their products moving their millions in advertising budgets to people like you and me. But as more people launch their podcast,  only the best-sounding and highest quality episodes will rank high in the charts.

What You'll Discover in this 3-Part Course:

What equipment you need for your podcast

Microphones, mixers, limiters, plugins, DAWs, pre-amplifiers, etc. The list can be OVERWHELMING to any beginner which is why I break down everything you need to get started podcasting right away!

Setting up & pressing record

Your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) is confusing at first, but I will show you around and help you get your microphones set to the correct inputs and levels for optimal recording!

Mixing your podcast like the pros do

You don't have the time to spend hours and hours slowly editing your episodes. I will teach you how I edit my podcast episodes quickly so that what takes others 10 hours to do, takes me only 60-90 minutes.

Your NPR quality voice without the studio

Most beginner podcasters are at a HUGE disadvantage starting out because they don't have the skills to master crystal clear audio. I constantly get asked how I make my episodes sound so clear. Well, let me show you.

Special Launch Price - $27 Ends Soon!

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